Software Engineer
June 2021 - Present
Linz, Austria
Go Kubernetes operator-sdk Helm

Developing Dynatrace Operator on Github that simplifies deployment of monitoring components on Kubernetes clusters.

Software Engineer
Nov 2018 - May 2021
Hagenberg im Mühlkreis, Austria
C# WPF Xamarin Entity Framework Angular

Worked on multiple projects in small to medium sized teams using C# and Entity Framework for the backend with frontends in Angular, WPF and Xamarin.

May 2018 - Jul 2018
Gunskirchen, Austria
C# ABAP Neptune

Implemented the theoretical Bachelor thesis by organizing data from engine testbenches and storing it in a data warehouse. Combined aggregated data with master data from SAP to display graphs of metrics (e.g. uptime, speed) over time via an SAP Fiori App developed in Neptune. Improved daily meetings by creating an overview of the metrics and showing incidents per testbench.


MSc in Software Engineering
2018 - 2020
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria - Campus Hagenberg

Cloud Computing, Service-Engineering, Microservice-Architecture, Data Mining & Machine Learning, Formal Languages, Compiler Construction and Tooling, Data Warehousing, OLAP and Business Intelligence, Heuristic and Evolutionary Algorithms, Generative Programming, Security and Fault Tolerance in Software Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Model-driven Development

Thesis: Genetische Programmierung von Heuristiken für Symbolische Regression
BSc in Software Engineering
2015 - 2018
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria - Campus Hagenberg

Component Based Development, Object-Oriented Programming, Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures, Software Development with Enterprise Technologies, Web Architectures and Frameworks, Software Design Patterns, Database Systems and Designs, Network Technology and Security, Operating Systems, Open Source in Software Development, Mathematics (Algebra, Statistics)

Thesis: Anzeige und Analyse des Motorprüfstandstatus auf mobilen Endgeräten


Programming Languages
Go C# Python Typescript SQL HTML/CSS
operator-sdk OpenAPI REST
Jekyll Angular Blazor
Native Frontend
WPF Xamarin
GoLand Visual Studio Code IntelliJ IDEA Visual Studio
Jira Markdown Git Bash
Kubernetes Helm Charts Github Actions Docker Docker Compose


Personal Website
Personal Project 2020
Jekyll Github Pages Bootstrap

Developed a personal website with Jekyll by defining templates in html, improving the design with Bootstrap and filling them with data that is stored in YAML and markdown format. The generated website is hosted on Github Pages.

Personal Project 2020
C# Blazor

Started project as an opportunity to learn Blazor and try out the latest .NET features. Implemented logging of distance and price per tank refuel or service and allow analyzing of history for different cars. Forms are validated via Fluent Validation and users authenticated by their Microsoft account.

Exhibition Project 2019
C# Unity

Helped create a mixed-reality puzzle game for Ars Electronica in collaboration with University of Art and Design Linz. In the game 3 participants had to work together to solve various riddles, only being able to use a single sense (hearing, sight, touch) by using a vr headset, headphones and a replica of the virtual environment respectively.

Maintenance Assistance App
Student Project (Master) 2019
C# Unity

Utilized Vuforia Engine markers to implement an augmented reality app for Sprecher Automation in Unity. Markers are tracked by scanning a qr code near the object, which overlays the areas that require repair with additional information relative to the marker’s position. Supports technical servicing of power plant equipment by highlighting problem zones on the user’s devices and improving error recognition.

Delivery Support App
Student Project (Bachelor) 2017
Java Android

Developed an android app in cooperation with ITPRO to assist delivery drivers for Mohrenbrauerei. Communicate with ERP system to receive optimized route and list of delivery items to show information to delivery drivers and allow them to manage their inventory on the route.

Extracurricular Activity

Advent of Code

Tried out adventofcode where a new problem statement is released for each day in advent. Used rust to solve the different problems by parsing the input file and calculating the correct number.

Google Hashcode
2020 2019 2018

Solved a problem statement with different inputs of increasing difficulty in a group of 4 people. Found and improved upon a heuristic to rate the various inputs and adapt it for the different input sets.